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Threadcakes: Because Just Sculpting Threadless Art in Butter Would Be a Little Much…

Threadcake: Meatcake

Okay, make no mistake: around here, we dig Threadless muchly. We buy way too much stuff from them, honestly. There are, however, people who dig Threadless even more than we do. They’re writing songs about shirts and stuff like that.

But now it’s gone to a whole new level. There’s a contest for making cakes based on Threadless shirt art. As an example, we’ve chosen the entry that basically brings a classic George Carlin joke to life.

We applaud you obsessive culinary types who can pull this stuff off. I myself cannot, but if you want to enter and have the skills for it, here’s my free idea: just credit me with coming up with it and it’s yours. Flowers in the Attic. Bake a regular roundish cake. Get bonus points if you go with red velvet, for obvious reasons. Create a cake arm coming out from the cake and holding a gun. Could be a water pistol. Could be a cake gun. Your choice. The cake is blowing the “top” of itself off when you look down on it, making a great big icing and cake mess, but out of the “blast” are coming a score of tiny, little red iced cupcakes. Morbid, amusing and tasty.

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