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Yeats vs. Poetry: Peace Comes Dropping Slow

W.B. Yeats

National Poetry Month continues. And I appear to be out of good videos to embed. There’s a lot of people reading poetry, but it’s so hard to slog through and find some good readings. No offense to anybody, obviously. I’m just impressed there are that many people who decided to record themselves reading poetry into a digital camera. So rock on with your literate selves.

Anyway, here’s something I didn’t know that existed. A recording of Yeats reciting “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” done for the BBC back in 1932.

That site has some great stuff on it, including something even wilder: Tennyson reading “Charge of the Light Brigade” and “Charge of the Heavy Brigade.” “These poems and eight others were recorded on a set of twenty three soft wax cylinders,” the site says. The sound quality’s terrible, but it’s Tennyson. Just damn.


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