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Podcast Review: Lime & Violet

Lime & Violet is one of the best, if not THE best, knitting or craft podcasts out there. Providing excellent information, an amazing amount of inspiration and motivation, and just great stories about knitting and knitting products, it will keep your needles flying for weeks. However, it’s not just an intelligent knitting podcast, it’s a comedy podcast as well! Lime & Violet, the two hosts, are hysterical, holding nothing back, and basically just letting the listener in as one of their circle of friends. The “Yarn Porn” segments are my personal favorites, where the hosts take you to gorgeous and usually affordable yarn sites where your credit card will get a serious cardio workout. You’ll feel like you’re part of a real knitting bee, with stories and one-liners that’ll keep you giggling and happy. If you have any interest in knitting at all and/or could sometimes use a little pick-me-up (and who couldn’t in this world?), then they may become your two best friends.

Subscribe via iTunes or via their website. They also have a blog for those of us who need daily hits of happy yarn. So it’s very highly recommended!