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Podcast Review: Cat Lover’s Podcast

The Cat Lover’s Podcast is an extremely interesting podcast by musician Marc Gunn. Episodes are generally about fifteen minutes long, and include music, especially cat-themed drinking songs. A recent episode had a nice look at cat language, including scent tags, the use of “meows” and how adult cats communicate with each other, as well as some information about planning evacuation plans with your cat(s) for natural disasters. The podcaster is clearly in love with his cats, and his unabashed adoration of animals is refreshing. The music and news are both pleasant, lighthearted in places, hard news in other places, and always useful, and through Gunn, we can also find other podcasts and cat news sites. An excellent, useful, and entertaining resource for the cat-parent’s arsenal.

Subscribe via iTunes,, or the creator’s website. If you enjoy Celtic music, you’ll definitely want his CD, especially if you are also an animal-lover.