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Podcast Review: Bonnie McCaffery Quilt Demos

For those of you who enjoy video podcasts and are interested in any kind of fiber arts (quilting, wall art, etc.), do yourself a favor and check out Bonnie McCaffery’s awesome (a word I rarely use!) podcast: “Bonnie McCaffery Quilt Demos.” Very exciting, creative, inspiring stuff!

The first one, for example, has her playing with Tintzl, which is an interesting sort of tinsel that you can add to your fiber arts. She has several example quilts using this stuff, mainly pictoral, but some abstract works. But even cooler, she shows various ways to use it, including melting and sandwiching, that I never would have thought of, and really make the stuff more a real tool for creating than just an embellishment. I love seeing how flexible a given substance can be in the hands of a real artist; it’s then I can really see the possibilities.

Given how trite and predictable (not to mention purely ugly) quilts can be if you’re not careful, McCaffery’s willingness to try something with real artistry and creativity is a breath of fresh air a long time coming; think more Quilting Arts magazine and less country/cutesy.

You can find information on the feed and how to subscribe at her website.