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Just in Time for the Holidays: The Extreme Store Reopens

Yes, it’s true. I finally got off my ever-widening ass and reworked the items in our Extreme Store. Now all our valid designs should be available in white on black (and some of the shirts even have stuff like brown and military green, which is pretty damn cool looking with the white text, methinks). The one exception is the Meta Tags text, which I just couldn’t get to look right. So I reworked it and it’s available on mugs now.

Be aware there’s a section in there called “Going Bye Bye.” This is all stuff that’s going away forever at the end of the year, mostly because I was sick of looking at it. So if you wanted something and can’t find it–better get it there before it’s too late.

So if you’ve been having trouble finding something for that special someone–or even somebody you hate, we’re not particular–then have at. Thanks.