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Untitled Music Podcast #2: The Difficult Second Podcast

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So the podcast returns (earlier than I expected–I just now realized it’s only been one week since the first episode–criminy, what a week). This one covers music and other transgressions and is co-hosted by Rob Levy, Tuffley and myself. Let us know what you think.

This episode’s central topic is “The Difficult Second Album.” Within you will find the the discussion of some bands that didn’t get second albums and should have, along with some bands that did that probably shouldn’t have. Also discussed: break-up songs, “We Are the World,” musical biopics, Roy Orbison, Grammys, Edison, and a serious request for Warren Ellis to take steps.


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  • Excellent podcast! What about difficult first albums? I mean Queens of the Stone Age’s Rated R was mostly pretty bad but their second album Songs for the Deaf was amazing. Radiohead’s Pablo Honey was pretty boring, but the second album The Bends is massive. Ash with Trailerpark and 1977, Soulwax with Leave the Story Untold and Much Against Everyone’s Advice. All those bands are like someone gave them a steroid shot and they became Captain America for the second album :P

  • Dan: Thanks for the comment. That is an interesting topic–what bands started off as crap and blossomed into something wonderful?

  • The history of the “Sophmore Slump” is well documented on your podcast. Excellent job!!
    The hardest thing, in my opinion, about the follow up to a smash debut is that the artist(s) are often on the horns of a dilemma.
    If the first album sounds too much like the first album, the artist(s) may be critcized for showing no growth. On the other hand, if the second album sounds too different, they may be criticized for sounding too different.
    So most of the time, I wait for the third album before making a judgement on the artist(s). In most cases, that does set the pathway followed by a lot of the bands and singers , for good or bad.