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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: A Droid Tries to Hassle the Hoff

Each week we try to start you off right with a bit of video that makes little to no sense, just like real life.

Here we have, from the 1979 movie Starcrash, a Harryhausen-esque droid with a sword fighting David Hasselhoff, who wields both a lightsaber and eyeliner that Johnny Depp obviously ripped off for Pirates. Is that…yes, it’s Marjoe Gortner, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently, Christopher Plummer is in this, too–and upon reflection, I’m amazed I’ve never seen it. There was a time in the mid-80s where I systematically went through the video store and just snagged whatever was available, wearing out genre after genre.

Yup, damn thing’s in print. Go figure.

Found via Neatorama.