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Anything Ghost – Podcast Review

Anything Ghost

Anything Ghost is a podcast devoted to, well, anything related to ghosts and paranormal experiences. People mail in their experiences, big or small, and Lex, the narrator, reads them, or plays the mp3s that people make themselves reading their own experiences. The intro music is needlessly long and overly dramatic, but Lex is sincere and efficient. The stories are generally very short and often a bit touching or sad, but rarely creepy. Some of the tales even have a little bit of minor history. Lex also talks a bit himself about various hauntings throughout America and Western Europe.

The sound quality is quite high, especially for an amateur podcast. Shows average about 45 minutes to an hour. From castles to lighthouses to litterboxes, no ghost or haunting is too small to escape the notice of Lex and his listeners. It would be nice if every week, Lex focused upon a specific state or country, to give the episodes a sort of theme, but it’s also interesting to let the focus remain upon his listeners to guide content. Lex does stumble over big words in some things he’s reading, but give him time; he’ll grow into his role as he loses the nerves.

Whether you are a confirmed skeptic, a believer, or just curious, Anything Ghost might interest you. Learn more about Lex and the podcast at the official website. If nothing else, it’s interesting and fun.


  • Hi Dindrane,

    Thanks for the review. After reading this, I’ve decided that I will cut the theme song length down at the beginning. While I knew it went on awhile, I figured it was a podcast, so the listener could fast forward if they tired of it (which is what I do many times listening to podcasts).

    Thanks again for the review. Much appreciated.


    P.S. I w-w-w-work on the studddddddering.


  • Lex! Thanks for stopping by. As I said, you put together a very enjoyable, unique podcast, and I hope more and more readers discover it every week. Keep up the good work, and don’t worry too much about what one reviewer says about your theme song–it’s your podcast, do what you like!

    Thanks again!

  • I’ve been a listener of Anything Ghost for a long time. I’ve sent in a lot of stories and two pictures. I must say that it is the best paranormal podcast I’ve ever listened to. I eagerly anticipate each show!!! If anyone has an interest in the paranormal, I would highly reccommend Anything Ghost. (Lex’s Halloween Enhanced Podcast was exceptionally well done!)