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Podcast Review: DVD Dojo

DVD Dojo is a video podcast production of ADV Films and the Anime Channel. The high quality production values (excellent sound and video) betray its professional origin, and this is one of the highest quality podcasts out there. The point of the podcast is to give viewers the chance to hear about new DVD releases, as well as providing up-to-date convention and general anime information. Most episodes cover three different new anime releases from that month, showing a one-minute preview, which is just long enough to whet your appetite for the show and send you screaming to the store to spend your hard-earned cash on what really matters: anime. The episodes are fairly short, averaging ten to fifteen minutes.

Of particular interest is the special edition episode: an interview with Alex Ross, where Ross discusses his work on Marvels and his first exposure to Japanese animation; apparently this “new, fresh, exciting, and striking” animation is part of what drew him into art himself. The focus of this episode is upon Ross’ thoughts on Gatchaman, and how he petitioned Wizard magazine to let him do an illustration for the 70s icon show. Ross’ work is, as always, incredible, and it’s thrilling for an anime fan to see him turn his amazing talents towards Japanese properties. Great, now I have to go buy the DVD set.

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