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Burger King the Movie: We Never Should Have Played God

Burger King: Where is your God now?

It’s already been well established that we are responsible for bringing the Burger King character back from the dead. At a Gonzo Film Fest a few years ago, we showed an old Burger King commercial which had a less scary version of the King in it. Immediately thereafter, the scary psycho stalker serial killer kitten-eating version of the King arrived on the scene, making us certain we had invoked him and unleashed his evil upon the world.

We felt a little bad about that, but nothing could have prepared us for this. We are so very, very, very, very, very sorry. We never intended to destroy mankind. Honest.

Image taken from…well, where else?

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Update: Our own Doc Ezra gave the following response to our post:

Burger King: Ia! Ia! Whopper Fthagn!

We would just like to point out that any levity we seem to be exhibiting at the moment is merely a defense mechanism to keep our minds from shutting down at the horror we have inflicted upon the world. Scouts’ honor.