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Headsup: Threadless Tee BBQ Sale

Threadless: Renaissance T-Shirt by Sebastien Heintz

Well, because we like to let you know about deals, we draw your attention to the Threadless Summer #TeeBBQ Sale. A huge amounts of t-shirts are $9.99. A couple of recommendations in a moment, but just remember this: Threadless tees make a great gift and you can bank them–especially the ones for kiddies–for occasions like birthdays and Christmas. Works for us, anyway. We could all use more $9.99 gift ideas, IMO.

First up, I do enjoy “Renaissance” by Sebastien Heintz (pictured). The design’s size on the shirt is a bit big for my taste, but the design itself is awesome. The addition of some “super glow-in-the-dark ink” is just the icing on the fashionably black t-shirt, so to speak.
Next, a touch of Georges Méliès comes along with “Le Voyage” by Ilaria Lazzaroni. Nice Victorian fantasy feel going on, which is tragic that it comes only on a navy shirt. (Well, except for the girly V-neck option.) Also, I am uncertain about the “sparkly shimmer ink” that was employed. Could be frightening, black shirt or not, on a guy with a beard like mine. Just saying.

And lastly, a bit of truth is present in “Don’t Trust in Cute Bunnies” by Matheus Lopes Castro. Ever since Holy Grail, the wise among us have known that bunnies could be just biding their time to strike. Night of the Lepus anyone? Anyway, thanks to the UV ink that changes color in sunlight, their true nature is revealed at last. Cute, yes, but possessing mouths of gore.

Stock up while you can. The sale ends tomorrow (6/27) at 10am CT. And might be the last one until the usual Back to School affair at the end of the summer. Enjoy.