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Walking Dead: First the Comic, Then the TV Show, Now the Cake

Walking Dead cake by Sweets to the Sweet

Well, we were just talking about zombies and food and t-shirts. And it only makes sense, since two of our favorite subjects are zombies and food…but especially zombies and dessert. We even did our favorite zombie cakes from around the Net a couple years back. That’s why we dig the hell out of this Walking Dead cake, created by Heather of Sweets to the Sweet, a creator of badass cakes. She’s done everything from Animal’s head (from The Muppets) to a TARDIS and this, our personal favorite.

It was created for a cast member of the show, and was followed up with some zombie head cake pops as well for the cast and crew. Just wicked. And yes, the cake “doors” are bulging outwards (and up) as the cakey-hordes inside it are trying to get out. Check out her Facebook page for contact info to get your own cake mayhem along with more wicked photos.