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In Case of Zombie Holocaust, Skip Straight to Dessert

Caution Zombies Ahead

Alternate Title for This Post: “It’s Father Day, Bedelia, And I Want My Cake.”

So it’s a bit unnerving that we’ve got warnings about zombies in Austin and yet another unnamed location. No one actually saw any zombies, mind you, but it’s all no doubt part of the conspiracy. Stay vigilant, is what I say.

But still, all this talk of the zed word plus Scott sending me the undead Hello Kitty cake pictured below…it got me to thinking. Zombie cakes. How many zombie cake sightings have we had? There’s the Zombie Hoffa cupcake, naturally.

But let’s take a look and see what else is out there…

Hello Kitty zombie cake
Try singing the meow mix song like your mouth was full of flesh.

This is probably the most appropriate cake you will see here. After all, I know many people who have their brains taken from them by Hello Kitty. Found via Neatorama.

Zombie Cake from They're Coming
This reminds me somehow of an evil shrunken apple head woman.

And of course, the classic zombie cake from They’, the people who brought you one of my favorite cakes, the severed arm.

Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery Zombie Head Cake
'I Ain't Go Nobody' joke redacted for your safety.

Here we have a crazed cake that sounds rather tasty, actually: “Red velvet cake covered in fondant.” I am a fiend for red velvet cake. It’s from The Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery out of Chicago, where among the keywords in their title they have “punk rock pastry.” I seriously want cupcakes from there. Here’s a pic of what appears to be either that cake or a similar one, bisected.

Zombie Cake by Comeundone
ladyfingers they taste just like ladyfingers

This cake just proves that Lee Press-On Nails are crap even after death.

Zombie Cake by Courtneyscakes
And the next contestant on 'America's Next Tor Johnson' is...

This badass entry reminds me of a zombie from one of those gloriously horrible Blind Dead films. The head is reportedly rice krispie treats. Nice.

Zombie Cake by Ladygloom
Jim Henson's Night of the Living Dead?

No, seriously, is this an undead Hoggle?

Marvel Zombies cake topper
Brand New Day upset us, too.

An excellent Marvel Zombies cake topper. Which is, you know, awful. But also awesome. And considering Spider-Man‘s been creatively dead for years, it only makes sense.

The one zombie confectionary configuration I’m aware of but could not find online is the badass zombie gingerbread men and house that were created for one version of the Nightmare Before Christmas/Disney Haunted Mansion mashup. Not a cake but worth mentioning. If anybody knows where a good shot of that is, let me know.

Also, while not a cake, if you wanted to make your desktop or application like a zombie cake, have a color palette entitled “Zombie Cakes.” How weird is that?