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Stuff: Stan Lee vs. Stan Lee Media

God Save Stan Lee

Some sites want to make you waste all your time on pop culture news. We do it in one post so we can move onto other things to waste your time with. Enjoy.

  • Stan Lee is being sued…by the shareholders of Stan Lee Media. They want three quarters of a billion dollars based on the profits from, among other things, Marvel films. Lee is a defendant, so is Marvel, so is Mrs. Lee, so is Avi Arad. The plaintiffs are stating that the profits belong to Stan Lee Media. How in the hell that’s feasible, I have no idea. And didn’t they already try this once before? Or did somebody forget to dot an I or something like in the Watchmen dispute and there’s blood in the water? Source.

  • Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock) is considering coming on board Absolutely Fabulous U.S. to play Edina. Source.
  • Jennifer Beals (L Word) is joining the aforementioned Book of Eli. Source.
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  • Day One is from Heroes‘ Jesse Alexander. It “chronicles the aftermath of a global event that devastates the world’s infrastructures when a small band of survivors strive to rebuild society and unravel the mysteries of why the event took place and what the future has in store.” So it’s a kinder, gentler Damnation Alley? Source.
  • A second Steve McQueen biopic? Apparently so. The first one we discussed here–the second is headed up by producer David Foster (The Core) and I didn’t know this: “Foster started in Hollywood as McQueen’s publicist before segueing to a successful producing career bringing such films as McQueen’s The Getaway to the bigscreen.” This project is called simply McQueen and is based on the memoir of McQueen’s first wife, Neile McQueen Toffel. Roderick and Bruce Taylor (The Brave One) are scribing and have complete access to the McQueen estate. Source.
  • Samson is not a feature film version of Hanna Barbera‘s Samson and Goliath Instead, it’s a sci-fi version of Samson and Delilah. Warner Brothers must like it, because they just spent seven figures on the pitch and smacked down two other studios to get it. Scott Silver (8 Mile) will scribe, Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) will helm. Source.
  • That Top Gear Region 1 release for Series 10 is now available for pre-order. But it’s the cut episodes, so Tuffley tells me. So WTF is the point, BBC Home Video?
  • RIP, author John Updike. He passed away this morning after losing his battle with lung cancer. He was 76.
  • El Zombo Fantasma is the comic from Dark Horse about a Mexican wrestler who returns from the dead to try and help a teenager in Los Angeles. I’m not familiar with the book, but just based on what I’ve read in the article I’m thinking…a kindler, gentler luchador version of The Crow? Yes, have some. Source.
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    • I thought we were to politically correct to even entertain the idea of a U.S. Ab Fab. Actually it really should not be done.

      Besides isn’t Kristen a bit too tall to play Edina? Patsy, yes perhaps, if we really, really have to go there.