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Hanna-Barbera Land: Welcome to Cartoonsville

Hanna-Barbera Land

Wow. Talk about some theme park magic that never was–Dan Goodsell, creator of Mr. Toast, posted some concept art for the never-built Hanna-Barbera Land. It would have had everything from the Bedrock Emporium and Museum of Modern Invention to the Space Ghost Battle of the Planets ride. Wild.


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  • There was a “Hanna-Barbera Land” at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. It had Bam Bam bumper cars, a Smurf boatride, Scooby-Doo themed potato sack slides, and a carousel with Hanna-Barbera characters instead of horses. The amazing smurf boat ride was the first to go, replaced by some haunted house thing. The Hanna-Barbera part of the park survived the transition to Paramount ownership, but it has since been replaced by Nickelodeon themed stuff.

  • Sounds like it was a section of the park? That sounds cool…I’m sure there are some pictures online. I’ll have to go hunting for them.