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Watchmen Feud Ended

Watchmen Babies from The Simpsons

Warner Brothers and Fox have buried the hatchet over Watchmen. And it’s a pretty goddamn big hatchet. Here’s the basics:

  • No change in the March 6th date. That’s all you care about, but keep reading if you want to know Hollywood. Because this is a fascinating case study.
  • No Fox logo on the film.
  • Fox gets cash up front to cover their development and legal fees–exact amount undisclosed but believed to be between $5-$10M.
  • Fox gets gross participation in the film and gets the same in any sequels or spinoffs. (One of the spinoffs pictured, of course.)
  • The exact agreement between the two is confidential, but I’m thinking these details are fairly accurate.

Now, if you really want to see how deals are put together, read the full article at Variety, and you’ll see how negotiations probably involved both Terminator: Salvation‘s release date and Steve Carell. And remember: this sort of maneuvering happens all the time.


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