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Choose Your Bean, Define Your Buzz

Coffee: Is the Planet Shaking?

Well, it is Worldwide Caffeine Appreciation Month, after all. And we’ve posted guides to caffeine before. Of note, we told you about our friends at Energy Fiend and their guide to Starbucks caffeine levels and about how to optimize your buzz.

But now we get somebody–apparently one of the main burritos at Peet’s Coffee–talking about how your choice of coffee type can affect how much caffeine you’re taking in.

If your morning cup came from a commercial roaster who included Robusta in the blend, we have another level of complexity. Caffeine content in these coffees, in one study, varied between 1.16 and 4.0%. A straight 12 oz. cup, using 20 grams of the 4% coffee, probably wouldn’t taste very good, but would definitely provide more buzz: 800 milligrams of caffeine.

That’s some serious buzz there, folks. And I want it. But as always, respect caffeine and respect your body, and don’t let the two do anything together that you’ll regret later.

Found via Lifehacker. Image available on a mug here.