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Not News: Coffee Good For You

You can sleep when you're dead coffee mug

No surprise to people who work here, obviously, but a lot of people think coffee’s bad for you. Caffeine–no, stop laughing, we’re serious–they think caffeine’s bad for you. We personally attribute this to America’s Puritanical background: that anything that good that isn’t, you know, God or Jesus or something, is evil. But regardless, if you’re a hater, check out part of this Wired article where the latest findings are discussed:

They concluded that the average adult consumes 1,299 milligrams of antioxidants daily from coffee. The closest competitor was tea at 294 milligrams. Rounding out the top five sources were bananas, 76 milligrams; dry beans, 72 milligrams; and corn, 48 milligrams. According to the Agriculture Department, the typical adult American drinks 1.64 cups of coffee daily.

Did you read that? Huh? No, you weren’t hallucinating…coffee kicked bananas’ ASS, baby!

We’re not called coffee achievers for nothing, bub. All hail the Liquid Sleep.


  • Fokes, I think that the coffee industry bribed the reserches think that coffee is good for you.

    Coffee is bad for you. If you want to avoid diseases, drink Acai juice instead. They are high in antioxidents, contains no caffee, and they are only about 100 calories per serving.

    Coffee? Good for you? Coconuts? bad for you? That’s their problem. If they want to promote anericans to get sick with polyunsaturated vegtable oils and margerines and don’t take in their precious Lauric Acid, well, good luck. If I get diagnosed with diabetes and die, my spirit will haunt the researches and the food industry, and these big fat sinners will go to hell.

    And one last thing. Canola oil, soy products, and aspertame is toxic for you. Great substitute for them are: Coconut oil, lean meat, and stevia. Substitute coffee for dark hot cocoa sweetened with stevia. You will feel better.

    O.K. Now, for breakfast I will have eggs and eggplant with grass-fed butter, for lunch, a nice spinach and brockley salad with a bit of olive oil, and for dinner, a nice juicy samon cooked with coconut oil, with a side order of brockley, raw spinach, and carrots. My mourning snack would be a plum or a pear, and my dessert treats at night includes the trio-antioxident meal: 1 ounce of dark chocolate with a bowl of blueberries and a glass of acai juice. O.K. For the next day for breakfast…

  • James: Thanks for the comment. The fact that you inadvertantly referred to your snack as “mourning” probably tells us all we need to know about your diet. Glad it works for you, though. I will agree with you wholeheartedly that aspartame is gack.