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Is Isabella Rossellini Seducing Me? Damn Right She Is!

The spider from Seduce Me
Image from the sequel to Blue Velvet, Purple Haze

I admit it, I have been lax and lazy. I have not been posting nearly enough and there is plenty of stuff out there in the jacuzzi of weirdness we call the Internet. Now, I have been getting a few posts up on the site, but when I saw this, I felt like I let you all down. I have failed to keep you up to date with Isabella Rossellini‘s fascination with animal sex and making video shorts about all the dirty dirty things they do.

[ad#longpost]Before, I have exposed you to Green Porno, her web series. That’s where Rossellini–through innovative puppetry, imaginative costumes, and her own innate sexuality–she entices and educates you on how the insects on the ground and the creatures of the sea literally form The Beast With Two Backs.

It seems that this wasn’t enough to satisfy her lust. She has a new creation, Seduce Me, where she opens herself up to the whole animal kingdom and all their sexual variety. Here is a description from The Sundance Channel. It’s a little… dry but if you imagine Rossellini reading it in her sensual accent, it is much more compelling:

Directed, written by and starring Isabella Rossellini, these five two-minute portraits explore the unconventional seduction rituals of creatures ranging from bugs to cuttlefish. SEDUCE ME offers an entertaining yet informative look into the bizarre seduction rituals that often precede the mating process.

Here is an episode where we learn that ducks are a lot more complicated…down there. You will never look at your rubber ducky the same way again. This is slightly Not Safe For Work, so please Watch Responsibly.

The two seasons of Seduce Me as well as the third season of Green Porno are available to watch on the Sundance Channel’s website. Make sure to support this if you want more. You know you can’t resist.