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Tom Waits Plays Doom (and Glitter)

Tom Waits: Glitter and Doom

In what is surely a sign that the apocalypse is nigh, many of us now have an opportunity to see Tom Waits perform live twice in this lifetime. Needcoffee irregular Damien sent us the word and a quick gander over at the keeper of all Waitsian lore, The Eyeball Kid, both confirms it and gives us dates.

It looks like the press release states the following troubling news:

As on his last tour, Waits’ U.S. booking agent and longtime tour director, Stuart Ross, has spent a great deal of effort to fight ticket scalpers. Along with Ticketmaster, he has worked out a plan he believes will make sure every fan pays face value (plus normal service and handling fees) for the tickets purchased for the “Glitter and Doom” tour.

If it’s anything like the plan for the last tour, it’s a Will Call Clusterfuck that had everyone standing out in the parking lot until almost an hour into when the show was supposed to start. Perhaps it worked better elsewhere, but in Atlanta it was a hot, tiring pain in the ass. So make sure that you check out the official website and maybe even call the venue beforehand to find out how to pay less in wasted time than you might have in “face value.” For $67 – $87, I’d prefer not to be on my feet for an hour in the heat when the whole point was getting assigned seats so I could be sure and have a nice sit down.

Also, if you have more than two people who want to see the show, good luck sitting together. Because tickets are limited to two per person. Maybe this tour is setup to allow you to take the other family member you couldn’t bring with you last time.

Sadly, I think I might have to sit this one out.


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  • well well well, I did not think I would see this. Tom is coming to J-Ville.

    Widge is you can’t get tickets to the Fox. You and Cosette are more than welcome to see him here.