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Colors Are Overrated Digest #2

  • Mech-in-the-Shop heeded the call about neat black stuff. Here’s some: ferrofluid.

    When you get into the sections where it’s just the black ferrofluid, it’s either the way Event Horizon was originally supposed to end, or There Will Be Blood as written by Neal Stephenson.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

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  • Mech also sent these great black chandeliers.
  • And also, in a twist, black squirrels. So Dindrane and I have a news item that interests us both.
  • Update and Disclaimer: The following two items are not in any way associated with Mech and any attempts to blame these on Mech will be met with brickbats.

  • We’ve got an Xavier’s Institute t-shirt from ThinkGeek. Granted, this shirt is about twenty years past when it would have been cool. But whatever works.
  • And…completely black Zunes. You know, I have never seen a Zune in the wild. Is anybody actually using one of these?
  • Let our friend Mech be an example to you. Know some cool black stuff? Ping me!


    • Those first three were me, sir Widge, but not all of them. And the X-Men are still great. Just ignore that last traves-ah, I mean movie.