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Shahrukh Khan is Bollywood Spider-Man?

Shah Rukh Khan

Okay, so this is fascinating. At first I was going to give this news a pass, since when you see Bollywood Spider-Man it could mean anything. Would it be on a level with Italian Spider-Man or Japanese Spider-Man?

No…it’s apparently an entirely different kind of flying…altogether. How do we know this? Shahrukh Khan is going to be Spider-Man. Shahrukh Khan is a huge freaking Bollywood star. I mean huge. And no pun intended, but apparently io9 makes mention of the fact that this Spider-Man will fly.

However, as I read the Hindustan Times article, they keep saying this is along the lines of Spider-Man rather than actually being Spider-Man. But basically they’re inspired by the box office performance of the Spider-Man flicks–and the fact that the Bollywood superhero flick Krrish, as I understand it, did well.


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