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Marvel Running Out of Covers to Zombify

Marvel Zombies hardcover second printing Amazing Spider-Man #316

Marvel has just released information about the hardcover of Marvel Zombies selling out. I say good for two-time Chazzie nominee Robert Kirkman, because he kicks ass.

However, the second printing, while sporting a nice Venom/Spidey face-off, didn’t ring any bells with me. It turns out “it’s an all-new zombie-tribute cover to Amazing Spider-Man #316 by Suydam.”

However, looking at the two side-by-side, the new version really doesn’t look as interesting or as clever as any of the previous zombified Marvel covers, like the coming of Galactus, or Secret Wars or such. The poses are totally different. Now if you had put “The Non-Living Super-Hero!” or some such up at the top, then we might be able to talk.

Still. Is Marvel really running out of iconic covers to parody? Because when you’re going back to ASM #316 for iconic, you’re kinda working your way towards the bottom of the barrel, aren’t you?

Update: After some consideration, I’d like to suggest the following covers for the ongoing reprints of Marvel Zombies:

– NFL SuperPro
– Amazing Spider-Man #266
– Marvel Team-Up, Vol. 1 #74
– Top Dog #1
– U.S. 1 #1

Any other suggestions?

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