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32 Days of Halloween, Day 24: I Walked With a Zombie and More

Tingler: Percepto!

We go from King of the Zombies to just flat out walking with a zombie. This time it’s 1943 and we’re with producer Val Lewton, who is getting a revamped boxed set of his films in January (which will include this flick). Bear in mind this is still zombies in the “traditional voodoo” sense. It would be sometime before the jump was made from voodoo-resurrected shambler zombies to flesh-eating shambler zombies, and then from them to flesh-eating holy-Christ-that-bastard-is-running-WTF zombies. Here’s the trailer:

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More fun after the jump…

So let’s move on to some William Castle, shall we? If you’ve been a fan of camp horror for any length of time, then you know Castle. But here’s a quick refresher, a trailer for a docu about him:

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Speaking of Price and Castle together, here’s the full trailer for The Tingler. Simply because we can.

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Is it just me or does Percepto sound like a Silver Age DC Comics villain?

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