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Who Will Save Spider-Man?

Spider-Man’s world is about to change. Marvel recently released a graphic which showed some of the potential folks who can save Spidey. You’ll notice there isn’t a decent writer on there anywhere. Anyway, since I know there’s a lot of Marvel expats out there, you might need a refresher as to who’s who in this. Needcoffee is always ready and willing to help. We’ve annotated the graphic as follows. Enjoy.

A Spider-Man promotional graphic that says "ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE CAN SAVE SPIDER-MAN IS IT... (picture of Morlun? I think?) LORNE GREENE? (picture of Iron Man) IRON FASCIST? (picture of Super Skrull) FLAMMABLE SKRULL? (picture of Loki) MAMMOTH HEAD? (picture of Daredevil) FREE SPACE (picture of Valkyrie) VIKING FETISHIST? (picture of Venom) TODD MCFARLANE? (I don't even remember who's behind this text--Scarlet Witch, maybe?) THAT CRAZY CHICK WHO THEY'VE KEPT ALIVE TO DEUS EX REALITY AT A WHIM WHICH IS SILLY BECAUSE DEATH AT MARVEL IS POINTLESS? (picture of Gwen Stacy) YOUNG EMMA FROST? BUT AT WHAT COST? $3.99 AN ISSUE, FANBOY! ENJOY!"
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