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Ministry Bulletin: A Sexy Trio of Jess Franco Films

Women behind Bars Cover Art

Women Behind Bars. Shirley Fields (Lina Romay) is serving a six year sentence for shooting her cheating boyfriend. But no one seriously believes that. Shirley’s boyfriend had just stolen a fortune in uncut diamonds. With him dead, Shirley is the only one who knows where they are. Now everyone, from the prison warden to the insurance company is trying everything to make her talk. Will she fall victim to their sadistic schemes, or does Shirley have a plan of her own. Yes, it’s everything you expect from the Women-In-Prison genre: lesbian seduction, abusive prison staff, sexual torture, and bad, bad, women. Along with the film, the DVD contains an interview with the director Franco. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Two Undercover Angels. Red Lips is the notorious mysterious criminal whose offenses include grand larceny, assault, and a dead body or two. All sealed with a kiss of red lipstick. Red Lips is actually two women, Diana (Janine Reynaud) the brains and Regina (Rosanna Yanni) the body. This sexy duo is investigating the disappearance of a model on the behest of her wealthy ex-boyfriend. They find she is one of the victims of the sadistic pop-art painter Klaus Tiller, who depicts his subjects in absolute terror by having a wolf man ripping them apart. Will the two stop the artist before they become his next still life? Diana and Regina are quite similar to the secret agents Derek Flint and Matt Helm in their stylish approach and the silliness of the plots they are involved in. Included in the DVD is an interview with the director Franco reminiscing on his work on this film.

Kiss Me Monster. Red Lips is back. Yes, Regina and Diana are once again exposing crime and themselves in the sequel to Two Undercover Angels. This time they are on the hunt for a formula that can create humans without the usual hanky-panky. They’ll have to dodge Interpol, secret societies, and mad scientists to retrieve the mysterious formula and stay alive. As with the other discs, this has an interview with Franco, in which he reflects on his long career.

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