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Theremin But For the Grace of God Go I

Pamela Kurstin

Here’s a bit from TED, one of the most entertaining and yet brainy timesucks on the Web, where Pamelia Kurstin plays a few theremin numbers and also discussed the instrument. Nice.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

We’ll send you back to Hack N Mod where we found this so you can see the Gnarls Barkley theremin cover video that we had mentioned previously. But here’s also something we mentioned before: robots covering Gnarls Barkley using a theremin. More theremin stuff after the break.
One of our favorite recent theremin players is, of course, Bill Bailey. At about 5:30 into this clip, he freaks out Jonathan Ross with one. We had posted this before, but they removed it. But here it is again.

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And here’s a popular dance song. Because you asked for it.

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Seriously, though, what the hell was that about? Can you tell that this is the guy who performed on The Day The Earth Stood Still‘s soundtrack or what? But honestly, does that make you want to dance or take cover because saucers are about to land?