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Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street: Brought to You by the Words “Bad” and “Ass”

Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street

This 1973 performance of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street was so wicked and badass that it is considered by some music scholars as a Wold Newton-level event. All of the children who appeared on set when this event occurred have gone on to illustrious musical careers after having been exposed to the Funk Gods themselves touching down on The Street. For example, the kid on the upper fire escape/balcony thing using her own head for a maraca is a young PJ Harvey.

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Found via Boing Boing.

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  • Even a total square like me has to say “cool”. It was so much better growing up in the 70s… I feel sorry for kids today and the hideously safe, stimulus-free, antiseptic world they have to grow in.

    I wonder, who would be the Stevie-Wonder-equivalent of today, for such an airing of the Street? Genuine talent, even edge, yet something you’d be fine with on a kid’s show?


  • Oh this is sick and wicked. Sesame Street is still sometimes this dangerous and cool. I remember REM singing “Furry Happy Monsters.” Occasionally there are glimpses of this kind of wonderfulness, but only short bursts. But they gave this six and a half minutes with an extended jam and a fake-out ending! This is just great.