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Because You Begged Me Not to: Widge Goes Off Returns

That’s right, WGO is back, this time as an honest to Satan podcast from Kevin Smith’s entertainment site, Quick Stop Entertainment. It used to be Movie Poop Shoot, but it was inducted into the Hellfire Club, Mastermind screwed with its head, then it went apeshit, died and came back as a new character in a different costume. I’m sure Movie Poop Shoot is in a cocoon at the bottom of the Net, waiting to be revived by Kurt Busiek.


The new site is run by our own Ken Plume. We’re so proud of him. I remember back in the day when he’d spit off the side of the unfinished building and say to me, “Widge, one of these them there days I’m gunna own this construction company.” And he made good on his threat.

So anyway, WGO’s back. I don’t know if it’s bigger or better than ever. It’s longer than ever. That’s all I can promise you. And yes, my beard eats puppies. What of it?

Update: Within moments of this, my switchboard lit up. “What’s the RSS feed? What’s the RSS feed?” Oh, right. You crazy kids. Remember, last time I did this we didn’t have freaking RSS feeds. Back then you actually had to go to websites and read them for yourself. Geez. Okay, fine. Here’s the main RSS feed for Quick Stop, and here’s the feed for WGO. You people are masochists. I respect that.

Update: A lot of the Quick Stop stuff is up on iTunes, but they’re working on mine. In the meantime, go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast > and stick “” into it. It’s ugly, but it’ll work for now.


  • Is this something you could register with iTunes to be automatically downloaded as a podcast? That would make it even more super-keen.

  • I agree with Din. The only way I can access this at work is through iTunes (stupid no-streaming-media block).