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From Metropolis, Illinois, an Appeal For Equal Time

Welcome to Metropolis, Home of Superman

One of the stops we made on our recent road trip was in Metropolis, Illinois. For those who don’t know, this is “Home of Superman.” It features a huge Superman museum, a gift shop, and…a ginormous Superman statue. Showing here…

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Of course, what sucks is we were there one week too early. The big Superman Celebration was happening the next weekend, including the unveiling of a bronze Noel Neill as the original Lois Lane statue. But I was able to get some interesting shots. Like this one of the inscription at the statue, which quoted from the minister’s address he gave at the dedication of the statue. Please note how he makes it clear God shouldn’t strike them all dead because this Is Not Meant to be an Idol. Click to embiggen.

Superman statue inscription

And here’s a tip: watch out for red kryptonite.


Also, I picked up a couple of products from the gift shop:

Krypto Hot Sauce and Kryptonite Rock Candy from Metropolis, Illinois

The Krypto Hot Sauce purports to be “certainly not intended for use by mere mortals” and “IT’S THE HOTTEST SAUCE IN THE UNIVERSE.” It’s tasty, sure, but it’s definitely not the hottest sauce in the universe. Perhaps they meant Krypto as in the dog? Anyway, it’s not bad in chili, that’s for sure. As for the Kryptonite Green Rock Candy, I was a bit dubious when I read the back of the label…

Help Superman, appeal from Kryptonite Rock Candy

Is that describing the comic geek equivalent of roofies? Or is it just me? Regardless, I broke them open and tried a bit. Having never been a huge fan of rock candy, I can tell you it’s everything you would want from a giant green rock of sugar. Except if you wanted the creepy subduing-your-significant-other bit.

I only wish we could have stayed longer in town, but we had to get going. If you are a comic geek, though, stay out of the gift shop. You will leave with more than just candy and condiments. Their selection of stuff is stupendously vast. For a sampling, check out their online store here. Maybe next year they’ll unveil a giant Fortress of Solitude key on the outskirts of town. Now that would be cool.

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  • 1. The Lex Luthor statue needs to be in Hackensack, NJ. He was willing to let the play go up in atomic smoke in Superman: The Movie, so it would be really morbid for that city to build a giant Lex statue.

    2. I went to the Superman Celebration back in 2008 and it was one of the best times I have ever had in my entire life. That statue is epic. My only problem is that if you stand directly underneath Superman you are about head level with his crotch.


  • I was thinking, “Should I ping Michael and let him know this has been posted?” And then I thought, “No. He will sense it.” :-)

  • I would love to take credit for such a thing, but Scott was nice enough to send me an e-mail. Neat video and I am glad you got to see the statue.

  • Thanks for the article! I remember seeing you in town and thinking, “man, that domain is worth some money.” I sent this article out to our facebook fans (846 people) and I’ll be including it in my newsletter. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to work together in the future.