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Pink Floyd: Why Has It All Got to Be So Terribly Loud?

Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd

Best answer to that question ever. In this performance of “Astronomy Domine,” accompanied by an amusing interview, you get to see the first inkling of how they would go from this to giant arena rock with huge floating pigs and circular movie screens with computerized light shows. Ballrooms: the gateway drug for arena rock.

And I love how Roger states he doesn’t feel aggressive towards his audiences. This is the man who would go on to first visualize The Wall as an audience being bombed to bits and applauding the whole while.

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Found via VideoSift.

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  • Honestly, I think people like Keller and what happend to Syd are a huge part of how Roger ended up like he did by the time they got to THE WALL.

  • Oh I know…that’s why this is so fascinating to me, knowing where he did end up, because here we get to see Roger before any of that. A kindler, gentler Roger. :)