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Triple Dose of Zappa

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa is a musician/composer I seem to appreciate more and more as time goes on. In fact, below the break I’ll include the first time I actually heard his work–and it wasn’t even him. Oh sure, I had heard “Dirty Love” and “Yellow Snow” and all of the novelty-esque bits that you sorta can’t help but run across. But it took a bit of time to start to delve and find some fantastic stuff.

Starting away from the music, here he is on What’s My Line? I love the way he and the host devolve into film geekery. Awesome.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Found via Classic Television Showbiz.
Okay, so my first real listen to Zappa was Zappa’s Universe. I forget how the hell I got the CD, but this tribute album had some great stuff on it, including Rockapella singing “Heavenly Bank Account.” Yes, they look ridiculous, but it was 1991. I honestly hadn’t seen them before. But yeah, wow. They sound great, though.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Zappa’s Universe is available on CD, but is out of print and has never been released on DVD. Pity.

And lastly, BBC2 Sessions with Zappa, uncut, for a good twenty minutes of perpetual freakout. That’s been taken down, but we do have “King Kong” from that session now. Still some solid freakout.

Direct link for the feedreaders. Also found via Classic Television Showbiz.

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  • I suggest that anyone with a slight interest in Frank, should read his book ZAPPA. He begrudgingly wrote his own biography, so that no one else would. He had incredible vision outside of music. The world would be a better place had he remained with us a bit longer.