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Wayhomer Review #148: Iron Man 3 3D

Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark and Iron Man in Iron Man 3

Episode #148 for Iron Man 3 3D, in which our protagonist explains how to get his brain to shut up (finally), thinks we should figure out how to get another contract for Downey starting right now and generally heaves a sigh of relief about Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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  • 4 cups yayyyyyy!
    Thank you for the review as always.
    We will come down out of the mountains for this one.

  • So glad you liked it! I had to see it twice to finally “get it”, and have seen it 5 times so far, (it premiered a week ago in my country). I guess one of my initial problems was getting used to a human villain -a terrorist, no less. A goofy alien with long hair’s so much easier to accept. But my goodness, Guy P was awesome. And RDJ, he’s just amazing. So yeah, hopefully he’ll be back for more.

  • No matter how much money this thing makes no one can ever convince me its actually good….. worth watching once? Yes.
    Worth watching again on a Sunday morning on USA
    when nothing else but infomercials are on? Maybe

  • Can’t quite give this one four stars. While I loved RDJ and everything about Tony Stark’s storyline, I was really dissapointed with The Mandarin. I’m not a comic fanboy (for obvious reasons), so I wasn’t as insulted as Aaron, but I felt that whole plotline was really kind of riddled with plotholes that I just couldn’t ignore. Everything else was solid, though, so I’d still recommmend it!