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Black Phoenix Supplements Their RPG Line

Black Phoenix Alchemy RPG Perfumes

For those not familiar with table top role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, GURPS, or Call of Cthulhu, you usually buy the core books. These introduce you to the rules that players follow, the rules the game master follows, and the background and information about the setting. These books are usually sufficient to play the game.

But there is always something that couldn’t make it into the books by the printing date, or stuff that expands a part of the game that couldn’t fit into the books, or simply new material that the fans wanted included. So the publishers would release supplement books to, well, supplement the game. It also didn’t hurt that this would get players to spend more money but hey, we do live in a capitalistic society.

So reminding you that Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab last year released a perfume line based on Role Playing Games. What do you think they have released now?

[ad#longpost]Indeed. Black Phoenix’s scented supplement contains two new classes to expand your character building. Both classes use magic–but not through alliances with gods or a well worn grimoire. The Bard uses the power of his artistic performance–using a harp, a lute, or just his own voice–to literally cast a spell over his audience. The “audience” can be a tavern’s costumers, a band of hostile orcs, or even the bard’s compatriots. The perfume, with its mix of bay rum, honey, and white musk, will definitely put you under the influence. The Druid summons the power of Nature herself to help her allies and destroy her enemies. She thrives in the primal chaos of the Forest Primeval and unbridled spirit of life in both its constructive and destructive aspects. The scent reflects this with a swirl of woody notes, wild herbs and grasses and a hint of incense to symbolize the sacredness of nature.

One of the main draws of role playing games is STUFF. From magic swords to ancient religious symbols to dragon plate mail armor in every color of the rainbow, you want to fill your inventory to bursting will all the toys. Black Phoenix has several item such as Thieves’ Rosin. Useful for keeping your grip sure and dry when you’re climbing a wall to avoid some nasty traps or scaling a giant temple statue to get at a fabulous ruby. Obviously, the scent is a mix of various resins and a little musk for added roguish sexiness. On the other end of the spectrum is Dwarven Ale, which will make you sloppy drunk. Dwarves are hardy creatures and therefore need a drink to knock them off their iron shoes. The recipe is… interesting–with fermented mushroom, pumpkin rind, apple rootstock and a bit of honey for taste. While it may taste like they brewed a goblin instead of hops, it has quite a sweet vegetable smell.

This has been a great start for the expanding Black Phoenix’s RPG line. It has truly been a critical hit/success.