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Wayhomer Review #147: Oblivion (2013)

Morgan Freeman as Malcolm Beech from Oblivion

Episode #147 for Oblivion (2013), in which our protagonist again rails against the difference between “It’s a mystery” and “We didn’t think we should address that.” In addition, he’s frustrated about good ideas that seem to be shrouded in WTFery. And he really wants those sunglasses.

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  • Was perusing RT and happened upon your Wayhomer Review. Have bookmarked it and will definitely return and share it w/friends! Interesting and clever concept–you seem like a cool, smart guy–HOWEVER–I found myself more engrossed and worried about your avoidance of accidents while driving (in the rain, no less!) and attempting to give us your fresh-from-the-theater synopsis of a film! I suspect that you’d be great to personally discuss movies with and your ability to write about them in an insightful way is probably decent too but
    it feels like your way home review is a bit all-over-the-road (ahem) and a bit too scattered and rambling as you’re also trying to carefully navigate traffic, which needs its own form of concentration. Suggestions? None, except the words ‘focus refinement’. Oh, and possibly consider having a passenger and doing a sort of rolling Siskel & Ebert type of thing that includes friendly and playful arguments, banter, tangents, bad driver commentary, mild road rage, etc. Just a few thoughts and hopefully constructive criticism from a supportive viewer. TWO big thumbs up! Keep it up (but be careful! and to quote AHNOLD: I’ll be bock!

  • Cathartica: I appreciate the concern. To ease your mind, I’ll tell you this: it’s shot entirely in a studio and that’s a green screen you’re seeing.

    And I’m that scattered and rambling in real life, too. If that tells you anything.

    Thanks for watching!

  • One line of explanation would have ruined the plot. Yes I thought tuskan raider as well. Go back and see the film again but first see 2001 again. I thought this film was great. The people who gave it good reviews seem enlightened.

  • One poorly written line would have ruined the plot, yes. But a well written line would at least explain the credulity of the characters.

    I’m not sure what sitting through 2001 again would buy me, though. Other than getting to watch the most awesome transition in cinema history again. Regardless, thanks for the comment.

  • Steve: Thanks, man! But FYI: my therapist has been trying to get me to change for years. I think I’m stuck like this. So hurray! And at the same time: well, crap.