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Worldwide Caffeine Appreciation Month 2009!

Appreciate your caffeine!
Caffeine. It's always been there for you, even (and especially) in your darkest hour. Give it some love.

Worldwide Caffeine Appreciation Month is something we declared March to be last year, after seeing some people (who shall go nameless but are easily Google-able) declare it a different sort of caffeine month as a ploy to get people to buy their books and coffee substitute product. They even got some government officials to come on board their cause. What was it Mencken said about politics?

Anyway, in order to show you too appreciate caffeine for all that it’s done for our species in the fight against sleep and lack of productivity, please join us. Worldwide, it’s time to get buzzed and get some work done. So, as threatened previously, we declare the second annual month-long caffeinated party to be in session!

If you have anything caffeine-related that you’d like to share as a result of this mayhem, please let me know.


  • Well, er… my blog is caffeine-related, as it is only in existence because caffeine keeps me alive. Oh, and I called it “Caffeinated Joe”.

    So, March is Caffeine Appreciation month … and my birthday falls in March. Makes perfect sense. “The beans have aligned”.

  • Crap. I started working out 2 weeks ago and had started cutting out caffiene. Oh well. There’s always next month.