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Caffeine Proven To Help Ward Off The Evil Dayball

Shower Shock Soap from Thinkgeek

Slashfood points us to this article from the BBC, where it’s revealed that “A combination of exercise and caffeinated water reduced the skin-damaging effects of ultra-violet radiation in experiments on mice.” Which apparently jacked up the mice’s defenses against cancer about 400%. And check this out: “The relationship between caffeine and cancer cells is under close scrutiny following evidence that it can increase a process called ‘apoptosis’, in which the body gets rid of damaged or even cancerous cells by killing them off.”

And so what you’ve always known is true. The Sun = evil. Caffeine = good. The battleground = your body. At this rate, with the amount of caffeine I consume, I probably not only have hardcore anti-cancer action going on, but I no doubt radiate that protection to people in my general vicinity, I have so much protection in my system.

Of course, the concept of caffeine sparing you from the evil effects of The Dayball aren’t news. Here’s back in 2002 where they talked about caffeinated lotions helping against skin cancer.

While it’s not lotion, this made us think of Shower Shock Soap, which is pictured in action there, because that’s what we found when we image-Googled “caffeine” and “skin.” And checking out ThinkGeek we were encouraged to find that there are now travel sizes of it as well as Shower Shock Body Wash. Nice.

That being said, it’s all fun and games until somebody puts themselves in the hospital. So please use caffeine responsibly, okay?

Found via Slashfood.

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