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NRG Caffeinated Potato Chips: Phoenix Fury

NRG Potato Chips: Phoenix Fury by Golden Flake

Energy Fiend points out the latest food to get the caffeine-added treatment. This time it’s Golden Flake, and it’s in their NRG Potato Chips going under the name “Phoenix Fury.” Added to the hot flavor the chips are supposed to provide are taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins. I’ve done some rooting around and I can’t seem to find the caffeine content of them either. If anybody knows, give me a headsup.

Getting something caffeinated to not taste like ass is hard work–caffeine is not something that’s exactly smack your lips yum if you were to try it straight. And no, I haven’t even though I’ve got some powder in my pantry, so calm down. I’m just saying. Anytime you can combine it with food and make it still tasty is interesting, especially the higher caffeine content you go. Hence my interest.

The site for the new NRG line of snacks is here.