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Let Us Break Bread Together That Looks Like Knees

Body bread

Kittiwat Unarrom is a baker in Thailand. And an artist. Also in Thailand. But he doesn’t just, let’s say, make you a loaf of bread. He makes you bread…in the shape of, oh, a severed head. Or a severed limb.

Call me crazy, but I’ve never seen bread that looked like…realistic body bits. I mean seriously realistic. To the point where you’d think Tom Savini was in the back making cupcakes or something. Who comes up with the idea to make body parts-shaped bread?

“The bread is made out of dough, raisins, cashews and chocolate. He just adds his own touch to the finished product.”

Yeah, I think the “own touch” part is “substituting a real body part for the supposedly bread body part.” Think about it–nobody probably actually eats these things, so how would you ever know?

You could make a sandwich with slices of a severed head. Gah. Seriously.

Dr. David Gallaher is to blame for ruining your lunch.