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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Admiral Ackbar, Is That You?

Sea Chicken Star Wars

Every week we like to kick start your surreality gland with a bit of nonsense. We figure if you start your week off like this, then the remaining work days will only improve as things wear on.

This week we’ve managed to terrify ourselves: it’s some weird psychotic gestalt between Star Wars, disco and canned tuna. It’s not just canned tuna, as the voice that sounds eeriely like one of Dave Seville’s chipmunks on crystal meth will tell you…it’s “Sea Chicken.” Even knowing that the term “sea chicken” was associated with this vid, it still took me three times watching it to understand that’s what the freaky voice was saying. And what exactly does Star Wars have to do with tuna or chickens of any kind? No idea.

Ah, Japan. Garden of WTF delights. How we adore thee.

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Found via Pink Tentacle.