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The Grandson of Coolness From Threadless

Yes again Threadless presents a couple of gems that are so perfect for a couple of Needcoffee staffers, it’s a little creepy.

This one is for our Ministers of Music Tuffley and Rob Levy. I like how it conveys the broad range of their tastes. However, they haven’t given their Ministerial stamp of approval of this shirt yet. They want to examine the actual shirt in greater detail (hint hint).

Threadless: The Official Guide To Music

[ad#shortpost]This shirt is for our lovely Dindrane. I can hear the squeeing even now. You must understand, she is so beloved by the feline species, the cats of Ulthar have erected a modest shrine to her.

Threadless: The Cat Who Mistook His Wife And The Kids And The Furniture And Even The Parrot For A Hat