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This Just In: Invader Zim Action Figures of DOOM!

Invader Zim action figure

Are you ready for some DOOM? Of course you are. And Palisades is here to help you with some of the best sculpted, most intricately designed action figure and playsets I’ve seen in this Invader Zim series 1.5. I mean, seriously, the only thing more involved than this is the rubber nipple fetish version of the Mr. Horse figure. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Up there you’ve got Zim with all of his various consoles. First of all, the figure itself comes with six points of articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, and waist). The consoles all come with 5mm bendy connector pipes so you can configure your own setup for his various screens (which you can put decals on to create the screens’ content). There’s also a minimoose, a robot bee, an Irkin sandwich and a spider-backpack with fully articulated legs. You just pop off his regular backpack, put the spider on and go to town with it. Insane.


Invader Zim and Gir on the flying pig action figures Invader Zim piloting the flying pig action figures

Even more whacked out is Gir–my personal favorite–because he comes with a giant flying pig. He can pop right on the back and Zim (sold seperately of course) can pilot the pig. Gir comes with three points of articulation (shoulders and neck) and the top of his head pops off for storage. In addition to the pig, there’s a green base with a little pedestal to get the pig flying, plus banner proclaiming “UFO Convention Today.” There’s also a saucer hat, a Krazy Taco bag, and a “Suckmonkey” cup for sipping.

The Almighty Tallest Purple action figure The Almighty Tallest Purple action figure with base

The Almighty Tallest Purple has a setup similar to Zim in that you’ve got a bunch of the 5mm bendy bits to put a slew of monitors in place (plus stickers). I think I just need more patience and a better sense of balance, since they didn’t work too well for me, but–hey, I’ve lost track of how many MDXs I sucked down today. Mayhap I’m a little…shaky. Twelve points of articulation are what you get with this figure (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist and fingers) and he’s fun because he has no feet. So there’s a transparent 5mm bar that you use to have him “float” above the floor of his little command post. There’s also a bag full of donuts, an Irken soda, an Irken burrito and a Tallest Red puppet. Purple’s right hand comes off and the puppet slips on in its place. The hands can hold things just fine, but you have to rotate the “fingers” to be able to grip things like the soda.

Mrs. Bitters classroom set Dib action figure

With the Mrs. Bitters figure, she comes with seven points of articulation (neck, shoulders, wrists, and legs) plus her classroom setup with blackboard. There’s also a series of accessories: a name plate, a worm-ridden rotten apple, inkblot tests, and a hall pass collar.

Dib comes with five points of articulation (neck, shoulders and wrists) and a setup of his own, with a computer and monitor, a laptop, hard drives, media, file folders, and headphones.

The sculpts for these are pretty much flawless. Any fan of the series is going to want to snag them.

Update: Sadly, the Palisades Direct Store is no more. I would say your best to find them is to search Amazon for them: you can find what they have here.


  • D: There’s ONE on Amazon and it’s 125 US dollars. The Mrs Bitters ones are ten dollars *ha ha* But i don’t want one, and seeing by the price neither does anyone else…