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Odds and Ends for 11-30-2005

Stubbs the Zombie

These news bits want love. That’s all. Just a little love. Don’t you have any to spare, you heartless bastards?

The thing about creating art by covering doll houses in lint is that you’re pretty certain when you go into that medium that you’ll be the expert on it. Starting day one.

The Beat pointed us to this list of comic book character religions. We were initially surprised at the number of Catholics who put on spandex, but then we thought about it for a second and then we realized we had really thought about it for too long and needed a life.

Speaking of needing a life, Drudge pointed out that the government is trying to save us from video games. Again. Read here and here. Here’s my favorite part–they’re condeming the video games because they feature cannibalism:

In “Stubbs the Zombie,” the lead character eats the brains of humans as blood splatters across the screen. “It’s just the worst kind of message to kids,” said Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., who joined institute officials at a press conference announcing the group’s 10th annual video game report card. “They can be dangerous to your children’s health.”

That’s right folks. Video games send a dangerous message to children that they should eat as many brains as possible. We can all sleep easy knowing that as mindless as these government dumbasses are, our rampaging cannibalistic children will walk right past them and instead attack the hot dog stand vendor and the security guard. Or even a tree.