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Odds and Ends for 12-1-2005

Fear this: an explosion of projectiles from the sawed-off shotgun that is the Net. Booyah. You take 25HP damage.

Gregory Peck’s Walk of Fame star is stolen. Such disrepect for the dead…can the remake of To Kill a Mockingbird be far behind? Found via Drudge.

Update from before, here’s the video of Borat’s response to Kazakhstan. Found via Screenhead.

Jalapeno popcorn? Hell yes. Bring it.

Holy Harryhausen, Batman! Found via Drudge.

Not News: caffeine’s a stimulant! Holy shit, you think? Also found at Drudge.

Poor spuds. That’s why we eat things with faces. Found via Screenhead.

Reason provides the best reaction to this whole a la carte cable thing.

And finally, Sting’s new favorite beverage.