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Living With Zombies

Living With Zombies

If you’re like us, you probably wonder from time to time during the course of your day: “Will I be able to cut the mustard when the zombie outbreak happens?”

You consider finding a cool place to hole up like a well-defended mall. Or an underground base far from civilization. You think about how you’ll defend yourself, how you’ll survive, how you’ll provide for you and your family in a world where the dead walk.

In your mind, you might just have a chance to keep you and your loved ones safe. It might be rough–it might be like the pages of Kirkman’s Walking Dead–but somehow, you’ll survive and thrive.

Panel from Living With Zombies

In reality, though, it’s time to face facts. It’s time for a comic book that takes a look at how you’ll honestly react to a zombie infestation. You won’t think about survival…you’ll be too busy raiding the local comic book store. Or stealing a monster truck. Or running around killing zombies with a cheap sword and no pants. Just like the protagonists in Living With Zombies, the freaking hilarious series from Matt Billman and Christopher Herndon about two friends who all of sudden find themselves surrounded by the undead…and are just grateful it’s the slow kind of undead.

Grab the comics from your local shop–the fourth issue hit in September, check out the website here for some samples, and support them for groovy zombie goodness.

Update: Alas, as of 5/31/2009, it appears the site is down. I can only assume this means the worst and they’ve succumbed to the zombie outbreak. If anybody knows what became of the comic, please let me know.