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More Blue Ribbons

Here’s some people who should be smiling:

Finally, the Elektra winners:

Kimberly Arndts of Michigan
Kori Edwards of Tennessee
Brenda Jordan of Ontario
Diana Lynch of Indiana
Hilary Williams of South Carolina

The November Mystery Box goes to

Don Lockhart of Ohio

The following folks win a copy of the Merry Mixmas CD:

Susan Burch of Minnesota
Terri Hock of Oklahoma
Catrina Pomerleau of New York
Rachel Reynolds of North Carolina

While the Xmas Grand Prize goes to:

Frances Cobbler of North Carolina

Rock on with your bad selves, why don’t you? The Xmas prizes should go out shortly from Filter, and the others might take a few days, what with Xmas about to pimp slap us all into submission.

BTW, image taken from here, where apparently you can buy a mean dose of pig semen. Don’t look at me like that, I’m not kidding.