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Book is Priestly in More Ways Than One

Gunpowder Plot Book

Ran across this in the Telegraph, that a book bound in human skin was sold this past weekend at auction. What’s unique about this book is not the whole human skin bit. As anyone who’s seen Evil Dead or read this Sky News article knows, “Anthropodermic bibliopegy” is not uncommon.

What’s slightly odd is that the book is about the 1605 Gunpowder Plot (yes, it’s the one you’re thinking of) and the person whose skin the book is supposedly bound in is Father Henry Garnet, who was killed for being involved in said plot (even though if the Wikipedia article is correct, he was only a supporting character and not really involved per se). Also, as a creepy bonus, the cover is said to have a tormented face on it if you look at it right. Here in America we’re constantly finding Jesus and Elvis faces on everything from toast to billboards about pasta, so that’s kinda old hat for us.

Anyway, the BBC states the book went for £5,400 in the auction. And now…I’m not a superstitious or skittish kind of person, but if I get word that anybody so much as breathes the word “Candar” around that thing, then I will be kicking somebody’s ass.