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The Telepresence Frame: Turning Your Loved Ones’ Stubborn Clinging to Life Into Art

The Telepresence Frame

In yet another attempt to creepify your loved ones (remember this?), this frame is supposed to have their vital signs on the wall for all to see:

The Telepresence Frame is a domestic object which utilises the fact that one’s bodily functions are digitised in order to create a new form of telepresence. Allowing loved ones to be constantly aware of your physical state. The Human Black Box records and stores this information, keeping a record of your very last moments.

“Constantly aware of your physical state.” Translation: guilty as hell every time you walk down the hall and see their vitals playing out that you’re at home and able to sleep in your bed rather than by their bedside. Does this sound like something you want in your home? What if it loses power and you freak the hell out when you think your family member has flatlined? “Oh my God! He was just in for hangnail surgery! THOSE BASTARDS!”

But even creepier is the Human Black Box, which is like a Human Beat Box except much more insidious. First, the Black Box is a concept that makes you think of airplanes and their last moments before they crash. Generally, this is filled with cursing and screaming. So the “very last moments” on record in the Human Black Box will be your body’s vitals cursing and screaming. Imagine the result of trying to draw a straight line on an Etch-a-Sketch whilst being given shocks with a car battery. Nice, huh?

Found via We Make Money Not Art.