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Writers Guild Winners Announced

Writers Guild of America Awards logo

Seems like it’s a day for awards and such. The WGA Awards have been announced, and the big winners are Diablo Cody, who won Best Original Screenplay for Juno, the Brothers Coen who adapted No Country For Old Men from the novel by Cormac McCarthy (timely mention, huh?).

In television, The Wire won for Dramatic Series and 30 Rock won for Comedy. The Sopranos took the award for Episodic Drama and The Office won for Comedy. “Episodic Drama” and “Episodic Comedy” appear to mean “single episode.” They can’t simply call it that because that would be too easy. The Simpsons won for Animation, and The Colbert Report won best Comedy/Variety Series.

For the full list of winners, check out the WGA’s website. I hope by writing this up, I’m not being a scab or anything. Please don’t break my knees. I like my knees. They protect me from Cher.